Home bargains to help ease the tier life

It’s that time of year where it’s technically January but it feels like the week inbetween Christmas and New Year still, the resolutions really start tomorrow and we’ve lost all concept of time. Not only that, but the UK is also stuck living in a tier system to try and control the spead of Covid-19,Continue reading “Home bargains to help ease the tier life”

Pregnant and a pandemic; what it’s really like

2020 has been the year that turned the world upside down, due to the global pandemic of Covid-19.  For me, it has been a surreal mixture of the best year of my life combined with one of the worst.  This is my story of what it’s been like for me being pregnant during the pandemic.Continue reading “Pregnant and a pandemic; what it’s really like”

The Pill; friend or foe?

**DISCLAIMER – This post reflects my personal experience and opinions, and should not be taken as containing any medical advice or recommendations.  Speak to your doctor for information on these topics** For millions of women, their morning routine includes reaching for a tiny pill and swallowing hormones without a second thought.  The pill is stillContinue reading “The Pill; friend or foe?”

6 tips for wedding dress shopping you need to know

For someone who had always hoped of getting married, I had never really looked into what sort of wedding dress I wanted. This was partly due to the fact that as much as I am a complete over planner (some may say control freak but I like to pretend it’s not true) I am alsoContinue reading “6 tips for wedding dress shopping you need to know”